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Pennsylvania School Graffiti Threatens 5 White Teachers’ Lives Unless ‘More Black’ Staff Hired

Graffiti threatening a Pennsylvania high school to hire “more Black teachers” or “5 white ones will die” was found in a bathroom, alarming local parents who claim they were not told of the vandalism.

“Y’all better start hiring some more Black teachers or 5 white ones will die,” the message scrawled on the wall of a girls’ bathroom at Upper Darby High School, CITC reported.

Police in Upper Darby, a town about 8 miles outside of Philadelphia, were reportedly alerted to the graffiti back on Feb. 28. Upper Darby Police Superintendent Timothy Bernhardt told the Daily Times that a parent alerted police to the message, and law enforcement asked the school to confirm its legitimacy.

Bernhardt said police were told that the message was in fact real and determined it was likely written by a developmentally challenged 19-year-old student {snip}

Parents are claiming they were not alerted to the threatening message until days after police were notified, sparking outrage.


“Correct me if I’m wrong, but the kids in our school district are out of control, all the way down to the elementary schools,” another parent sounded off, according to the outlet. {snip}


The girl who allegedly graffitied the message cannot be charged due to her mental capacity and because the message had already been cleaned up by the time police responded to the school, officials said.