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Survey: Corporate Diversity Drives Discrimination Against White Americans

Hiring managers face top-level corporate pressure to reject white job candidates in favor of non-white applicants, says a survey of 1,000 managers by a job-finding firm.

The company,, surveyed 1,000 hiring managers across the United States in November  “to find out how many believe “reverse discrimination” is really an issue affecting their workplace,” the company said on November 7:

Key findings include:

52% believe their company practices “reverse discrimination” in hiring

1 in 6 have been asked to deprioritize hiring white men

48% have been asked to prioritize diversity over qualifications

53% believe their job will be in danger if they don’t hire enough diverse employees

70% believe their company has DEI initiatives for appearances’ sake

The “DEI” term is a variant of the Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity agenda pushed by executives and woke HR staffers in many companies.


Federal officials use court-enforced civic regulation — dubbed “civil rights law” — to grow the number of non-white people and immigrants in jobs sought by Americans, including many white job-seekers.

For example, the federal government penalizes companies that try to hire native-born Americans, and it usually ignores Fortune 500 companies that discriminate against Americans to hire non-white immigrants. In October 2021, the federal government imposed a very small fine of $14 million on Facebook amid evidence the company’s HR managers routinely used the federal visa-workers rules to preferentially hire cheap and compliant foreign workers instead of skilled American professionals.


In October 2020, Bloomberg Law reported that “Diversity-Fueled ‘Reverse’ Bias Claims Put Employers in Quandary”:

… companies including Adidas AG, The Boeing Co., and Alphabet Inc.’s Google promised to increase their hiring of people of color and promote better inclusion, in the wake of escalated racial tensions that followed the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis this summer.

Quotas and hiring preferences that exclude groups based on race or sex generally are illegal under Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. But diversity efforts, when done correctly, don’t need to be abandoned because of the fear of potential “reverse” discrimination liability, attorneys say.

The discrimination problem is exacerbated by federal visa-worker programs that allow companies to employ at least 1.5 million non-white, cheap foreign visa workers instead of skilled American professionals.