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The Wall Street Journal Goes Full White Supremacist

As you’ve probably heard by now, on Friday, Silicon Valley Bank—a lender to some of the most notable names in the tech world—became the biggest bank to fail since the 2008 financial crisis. {snip}

In an op-ed titled “Who Killed Silicon Valley Bank?” columnist Andy Kessler writes: “Was there regulatory failure? Perhaps. SVB was regulated like a bank but looked more like a money-market fund. Then there’s this: In its proxy statement, SVB notes that besides 91% of their board being independent and 45% women, they also have ‘1 Black,‘ “1 LGBTQ+,‘ and ‘2 Veterans.’ I’m not saying 12 white men would have avoided this mess, but the company may have been distracted by diversity demands.”

Sure, Kessler is not flatly, literally saying “12 white men would have avoided this mess,” because even David Duke knows you can’t just come out and say that in 2023. But…he’s basically saying exactly that {snip}

As tech columnist Brian Merchanttweeted Monday, this piece “is basically an argument in favor of racial purity at a bank’s board of directors.” {snip}

Of course, Kessler isn‘t the only one who has floated this “maybe it was the Black guy and the gay” theory re: SVB. The Republican Party’s most reliable bigots have also been banging the same drum, with everyone from Ron DeSantis to Marjorie Taylor Greeneblaming the bank’s collapse on the “woke” left and its apparent capitalism-killing emphasis on diversity.