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Dad of White Boy Shoved to Ground by Black Bullies and Made to Chant ‘Black Lives Matter’ Shares His Outrage

The dad of a white student who was forced to his knees to chant ‘Black Lives Matter’ by black bullies has said he and his wife were ‘livid’ after discovering their son’s ordeal.

Speaking to, the dad, who wished to remain anonymous, also hit out at the school Kenwood Elementary for ‘brushing off’ the outrageous incident.

‘They became segregated by race,’ he said. ‘The entire sixth grade became involved in recess after two or three black kids started it.’

‘We were livid. The school have been trying to brush it off… but my son said lots of kids have been feeling threats at school, kids are afraid to walk home because of the bullying.’

The furious parent’s criticisms come after fellow Kenwood Elementary parent Krystal Harr said the Ohio school where her son was subjected to the ordeal was ‘getting unsafe’ due to the racial tensions.

Shocking footage of the episode emerged this week, showing black students forcing their white peers to pledge allegiance to Black Lives Matter and assaulting those who didn’t comply.

According to the local parents, the schoolkids appeared to divide themselves by race during the February 10 bullying episode.

Despite a criminal investigation being launched after the students were assaulted, the father said his son’s school merely ‘brushed it off’ and handled it internally.

‘It happened at recess on the Friday, and we didn’t even find out until Monday,’ he added.

‘We’re definitely more aware of the bullying now than before.’

He said while his son ‘been bullied for years’, the racist aspect to it among the 12-year-olds is what was most disturbing.

‘It’s definitely because of the messages being put out there. Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter, and them going back and forth, its all they (the kids) see.

‘It’s definitely doing more harm than good, it’s all they see all the time’.

The father has been joined in his fury at the school by fellow parent Krystal Harr, who took to Facebook to share her anguish at the incident, saying: ‘Kenwood Elementary families!

‘I just wanted to let people know that my 12 year old was really forced on his knees Friday and to say blm.

‘Watch your babies! This is getting unsafe!’

She added that while the footage caught a small number of students involved, the bullying ended up pitting almost all the pupils against each other.

‘It was literally half of the class that did it to the other half… they called us 20 minutes before school let out today (February 13) and wouldn’t even tell us what happened.’

The students involved in the incident were interviewed by school staff as authorities continue to investigate.

Disturbing footage of the February 10 episode saw two students initially escorting a boy to an area in the school’s playground, where he is punched in the head.

More students are then taken to the same area of the playground, where they are assaulted and shoved to the ground if they don’t pledge allegiance to BLM.

Police are seeking to charge the suspects with assault, according to Dayton247now, however Harr claimed that the episode included almost all the students.

Video of the bullying first showed one student being tossed to the ground, before another student joined seconds later.

As the scene escalated, a third student was thrown right beside them. The incident is being treated as an anti-white hate crime and lists at least four students involved.

Despite the disturbing scenes, School Principal Evan Hunsaker revealed that he only knew about the bullying the following Monday, three days later.

According to a police report, the principal ‘stated that a few of the students who had tried to avoid the situation, were chased down and escorted, dragged, or carried to the spot on the playground.

‘One student was also punched in the head by one of the suspects.’