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City Probing Anti-White Texts Linked to Black Superintendent

The city is investigating widely circulated screenshots of anti-white texts purportedly written by the black superintendent for Staten Island schools, officials told The Post.

The inflammatory texts vowing to get rid of white principals and “clean up this island” are attributed to District 31 Superintendent Marion Wilson.

Marion Wilson

The screenshots were sent in emails to Chancellor Banks and other Department of Education and city officials from the encrypted email address

A message sent there got no response.

The screenshots, which two principals forwarded to The Post, are troubling.

“No more white principals on my watch!” says one text under Wilson’s name.

“I need to clean up this island,” another text reads. “White folks need to recognize this is not the boys club anymore. A strong black woman runs this bitch now, and they can either get on board or get out. If they don’t get out, I’m going to take them out one by one. They’re not gonna know what hit them. Gonna be fun.”

A third text says, “Chris’s white ass is G-O-N-E. It’s happening.”

It is an apparent reference to Christopher Anzalone, a former executive director of District 31 who moved to District 23 in Brooklyn as executive director of school support and operations.

“I agreed to take CL … She’ll keep the white folks off my back,” the text continues, apparently referring to Christine Loughlin, who was removed by Chancellor Banks as superintendent of District 3 in Manhattan.

Loughlin, who is white, now serves as executive director of school support and operations in District 31.

Another screenshot purports to show someone texting Wilson about two white Staten Island principals, David Cugini of Susan Wagner HS, a nephew of the late Christy Cugini, a former District 31 superintendent, and Nicholas Mele of IS 51:

“LOL Mele and Cugini better play nice. They’re first up on the chopping block,” it says.


After the DOE press office alerted her to the emails, she denied writing the texts, contending that enemies are trying to smear her, officials told The Post.

The DOE told the Staten Island Advance Friday that the texts are “fake,” and that the Special Commissioner of Investigation for city schools is probing their origins — a claim the SCI flatly denied in a statement to The Post.


A Staten Island parent who has a child in the public schools was concerned after seeing the screenshots.


But Wilson has spoken openly about seeking to hire more “BIPOC” – black, indigenous, and people of color – to work in Staten Island schools, the parent said.


Staten Island has the highest percentage of white students of any district — 40.3%, compared to 14.7% citywide, DOE data show. The racial makeup includes 29.8% Hispanic, 14.2% Asian, and 12.8% black.