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Verified Hate: Black History Month

A 2016 poll from the CATO Institute found just 40 percent of African-Americans have a positive view of the police, compared to 68 percent of whites and 59 percent of Hispanics. I’m sure black support has declined since then.

I doubt this will go over well.

Miami police will now be taking blacks to jail in a Black History Month car. On the ride they can reflect on their contributions to American history.

Columbus, OH has one too. It’s also not getting a great reception.

Maybe police departments should hire a white nationalist consultant to help them avoid PR disasters.

Blacks commit more crime than whites. If police try to stop crime, they will have more hostile encounters with blacks, per capita, than with whites. Pandering to blacks with “Black History Month” cars inspires contempt, not respect. No one will learn from this.

The consequences of operating on a premise that is wrong include lost lives, wasted wealth, and destroyed cities.

It’s up to you whether he believes what he’s saying.

It looks like at least some blacks are trying Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s trick of claiming to be an American Indian.

The source is a conservative account, but the video is real. Incidentally, if you search “black pride,” “Asian pride,” “gay pride,” “Latino Pride,” or “Jewish pride” on TikTok, you will get plenty of results. If you search “white pride,” you get:

TikTok was the most visited website in the world in 2021. It’s controlled by the Chinese. It is fantasy to think the Chinese might not be as hostile to white Americans as the American government is.

To return to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, she decided to pretend to be a black preacher to protest Rep. Ilhan Omar being removed from the Foreign Affairs Committee. She claims it was an attack on “women of color in the United States of America.”

So much for cultural appropriation. Imagine taking this performance seriously. I suspect that if the federal government weren’t pushing people to identify as non-whites, AOC would be just another “white Hispanic.” Instead, we have someone on the floor of Congress who is about one step away from throwing a chair and screaming “World Star!”

Bishop Talbert Swan spoke at the memorial for Tyre Nichols. Though blacks beat Nichols to death, white supremacy remains the culprit.

Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) is trying to change the Advanced Placement African American History course and shut down diversity programs in universities. Apparently, this is an attack on blacks. It also means he’s a fascist.

I suspect we will soon be told that Donald Trump was a moderate compared to Ron DeSantis, who is far more racist and fascist. Every Republican candidate is a fascist, and the GOP grows more fascist every year.

As for what’s happening in Florida schools,  this attack is far more serious than anything Ron DeSantis is doing, though it’s getting far less media attention.

Think of the vast cultural, political, and legal framework that forces white children to enjoy the fruits of racial integration. Think of the way the “Civil Rights Movement” has become the moral center of American political identity. This is the result.

The school says the attacker was arrested. Remember this little data point when they complain about blacks being unfairly disciplined in schools.

Leftists are upset about Governor DeSantis because they want America to be more like Germany, where children are taught to be ashamed of their nation. Not surprisingly, Germany is a dying country, where there is a movement of young Germans who call themselves Anti-Germans, and who parade with the slogan, “Bomber Harris, do it again.”

The truth is, whites built America. Third Worlders pouring into white-majority nations don’t want to stay in countries built by non-whites.

I find it fascinating how enthusiastically blood-and-soil nationalism is celebrated if it’s for anyone except us.

I daresay the “Cracker Containment Zone’s” biggest problem would be keeping out the weeping masses begging to come in. Incidentally, the top three flags represented among the “likes” were the trans flag, the gay flag, and the Ukrainian flag.

Sadly, we are stuck in a “diverse” nation, not a prosperous Cracker Containment Zone.

Our institutions teach this:

And we must live in a society that tolerates this:

Remember the basic contradiction of American race relations: Despite all the braggadocio and hatred, they need us. We don’t need them. They may say “go back to Europe,” but if we did, they would follow.

Almost everyone is “right-wing” about the things that actually affect them.

Jared Taylor is still trying to get his Twitter account back, but OJ Simpson can give you a lecture on character.

Stay safe out there everyone. Remain cool in the face of leftist insanity. Embrace the mindset of this M&M observing a crowd of protesters.