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Ireland: Emerald Isle, Tragic Isle

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The history of Ireland is both tragic and heroic. For centuries, the English dominated and exploited the Island. Anyone who rebelled was killed or transported to the Caribbean to work as a slave, alongside blacks.

In more modern times, the potato famine of 1845 to 1852 killed roughly a million people. Barefoot mothers with clothes dropping from their bodies held dead infants in their arms as they begged for food. Dogs ate corpses.

More than two million Irish fled – many to the United States, and the population dropped by nearly a third – one of the greatest depopulations of an island in history.

Americans shared the English contempt for the Irish. This help-wanted ad for a cook and washerwoman from the New York Evening Post, September 8, 1828 says, “To save trouble no Irish need apply.”

A researcher found 15 “No Irish need apply” ads in the 1842 editions of just the New York Sun. When Frederick Law Olmstead toured the South before the Civil War, he asked a slaveholder why, for some jobs, he hired Irishmen. “It’s dangerous work,” he explained, “and a negro’s life is too valuable to be risked at it. If a negro dies, it’s a considerable loss, you know.”

Back home, it was only in 1949 that the Irish established a republic, completely independent of Great Britain. A proud, long-suffering people finally had a nation of its own.

And Ireland prospered. But as it prospered, it lost its way.

Now, immigrants come to Ireland.

In 1987, there was a trickle of 17,000. Last year, there was a flood of more than 120,000, and this year, even more are likely to come. These are big numbers for a country of only 5 million.

Many Third-Worlders claim asylum: “Numbers seeking international protection in Ireland in 2022 set to be highest in over 20 years.”

The largest group was Ukrainians, but as this article notes, 10,000 others showed up just in the first nine months of last year. That included 1,500 Somalis, and more than 1,000 from Algeria, followed by Zimbabwe, Nigeria and Afghanistan.

More than 5,000 came without passports, and not because they didn’t have them.

They used them to board a ship or plane, but lost them during the trip. This makes it harder to judge asylum claims. Seventy percent of these frauds were men. One of them explained that Ireland is an easy touch: “When Corona gone, the people start hearing about Ireland. That, in Ireland, they give people the asylum, the papers and they give them the work permit – everybody comes to Ireland.”

Ireland doesn’t have the will to deport criminals and asylum-fakers. An Irish site called The Burkean learned through a freedom of information request that not even 20 percent of the people ordered to leave actually go.

On the left are citizens of the top 10 countries for which Ireland issued deportation orders. On the right, are the top 10 destinations to which illegals were sent back.

As you can see, even deportation is usually an empty threat.

Non-whites who live in Ireland are the “New Irish,” and, as in all white countries, they make a fuss about themselves. Here’s a photo collage on “The New Irish:” “Young, Irish, and Muslim.”

The photographer is also young, Irish, and Muslim.

Shakira says. “At times I do feel I’m Irish and at times I don’t.  . . . Even though I don’t know anywhere else because I was born in Ireland.

Amina says, and I quote, “I’m not like everyone else was like the Irish people were. I think that gives me the courage to embrace my religion.”

If she were where she belongs, she wouldn’t have to worry, would she?

Here is Amanullah De Sondy, Senior Lecturer in Contemporary Islam and Chair of Race Equality at University College in Cork. I bet you didn’t know they have chairs of race equality at Irish universities, but they do. He says, “The fact is there is more and more of me and that is Ireland’s future and Ireland’s future has to be represented through the media.”

More and more of me! We’re taking over! Thanks for clarifying that, Amanullah.

And here’s a young lad who gets the message.

Some Irish have had enough. Just this year, there has been enough grass-roots opposition to immigration that Wikipedia has a page devoted to demonstrations.

Locals are outraged when busloads of foreigners suddenly arrive.

This is from a demonstration in Dublin. [1:04 –   1:14] Here is another demonstration in the Dublin area of East Wall: [0:25 – 0:36]

This is a demonstration in front of the police station in Finglas, a suburb of Dublin. Concerned parents put up this leaflet that says “We will not tolerate any more people brought into our country. An end to your lies.”

There was an arson attack on this building in Dublin when it was rumored that foreigners would be housed here.

At Ballymun, another Dublin suburb, banners read “Ballymun says no.”

Another said “Close Borders. Ireland is full.”

Here is a protest in Mullingar, in County Westmeath. [0:00 – 0:15]

In Cootehill in the north of the Republic, demonstrators protested “illegal immigrants on an industrial scale.”

Jonathan Billinger, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Memes like this are cropping up: “Rise up Mother Ireland. Ireland is full.”

Big Brother doesn’t like this. The president of Ireland “questions future of national borders to block migration.”

He says Ireland has to let everyone in as a “commitment to a common humanity.” Black people, in particular, have to “stay strong” against racism, he says.

In response to protests, lefties in Dublin held an “Ireland for all solidarity march.”

Credit Image: © Niall Carson/PA Wire via ZUMA Press

Ireland for all? As someone wanted to know, “Africa is 430 times the size of Ireland. So why do Africans have to live in Ireland?”

Asia is almost four times the size of Africa, but here’s an Asian at the rally, explaining he has to be in Ireland to “breathe in freedom.”

Credit Image: © Niall Carson/PA Wire via ZUMA Press

The lefty Irish Times boasted about the rally: “Thousands protest against ‘hatred and disinformation’ at anti-racism march.”

The speeches were the usual guff: “Are you on the side of humanity, decency, equal rights, or are you on the road to fascism?” Or: “We have come together to celebrate that fabulous rich variety and diversity that is Ireland today.” Leon Diop, founder of “Black & Irish,” said, “Whether you were born in Ireland or Cameroon, we need to replace this culture of fear and hatred with love and empathy.” How nice for him.

The Irish Times failed to note that anti-immigration demonstrations are spontaneous. The paper did not run this cute graphic of all the organizations that bragged how they work together to give the country away.

I count at least 60 of these creepy groups, doubtless funded by George Soros and probably the US State Department.

Ordinary people aren’t fooled. Before the rally, had this headline: “President Michael D Higgins condemns those ‘sowing hate and building fear’ around refugees as poll shows 56pc believe Ireland ‘took in too many’.”

Even in the teeth of pro-foreigner propaganda, 56 percent of the Irish said there were too many. Fourteen percent weren’t sure, and only 30 percent disagreed.

But Mr. Higgins, president of the republic, says those 56 percent are “sowing hate,” “building fear,” and are “unforgivable.”

Michael Higgins, here on the right at an event last year, is 81 years old.

Credit Image: © Markus Schreiber/PA Wire via ZUMA Press

His father was a lieutenant in the Irish Republican Army. Two of his uncles also fought, just as these men did, in the Irish War of Independence – two and a half years of bloodshed and sacrifice to throw out the English so Ireland could be Irish.

Were his father and uncles “sowing hate”? “Unforgivable”? What possessed this man to turn his back on the sacrifices of his flesh and blood and babble about “Ireland for all”?

Here he is – five feet three inches tall – with two of his ministers.

Credit Image: © Nick Bradshaw/PA Wire via ZUMA Press

On the right is his prime minister. Leo Varadkar looks mostly white, but he has an Indian father. He is openly homosexual and has a “partner.” *** You can guess where he stands on “Ireland for all.”

If there were ever a white country that owes nothing to non-whites or to outsiders, it’s Ireland.

Ireland never had an empire. It was brutally colonized. It never practiced slavery. Instead, many Irish were slaves. The Irish are indigenous. It is their ancestors who build these beehive huts in County Kerry, modest shelters from 1,000 years ago in which a man can barely stand.

Their ancestors carved out this 45-foot dugout canoe 4,500 years ago.

They are the people who scratched out a living on this beautiful, rugged island.

It is their kings and prelates who built and dedicated Rock of Cashel.

And the Irish are placidly to give all this away to Muslims and Africans who claim to be their future?

The Irish Times thinks so. Here is the front page in the run up to Valentine’s Day. Please note the article, “Reignite your love life.”

This sort of thing is common. Television advertising is packed with “new Irish,” as if they had been there since the days of Brian Boru.

Ireland is a sickening example of a people that can go from healthy, even armed nationalism to capitulation in just one generation. Such is the power of the poisons the United States spreads everywhere. May the spirit of their ancestors guide those good people in Finglas, Ballymun, Mullingar and wherever the Irish are fighting for their heritage and way of life. Capitulation is death.