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Women Are the New Thought Police

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It’s almost a cliché to point out that the most fanatic champions of tolerance and diversity are fanatically intolerant of a diversity of ideas. The Left loves to accuse conservatives of being “fascists.” If by that they mean bullies who silence their opponents, they’re talking about themselves. We expect non-whites and so-called “progressives,” and people with off-beat sex habits, to try to shut people up. I hate to say it, but women are a problem, too.

This was clear in a big survey on free speech at all 13 campuses of the University of Wisconsin.

A huge sample of 10,500 students took part, for a 95 percent confidence level, and I suspect the results would be similar at any American university.

The respondents were 61 percent women and 39 percent men, 85 percent white and 15 percent non-white. No fewer than 30 percent of the women said they were non-heterosexual, and 13 percent said they were non-cisgender, meaning the sex on their birth certificates was wrong. Seventeen percent of the men said they were non-heterosexual, and 9 percent were non-cis.

This bunch reported their political leanings as follows:

These are data for all the campuses, but let’s look down below, at the whole system. Very liberal and somewhat liberal add up to 40 percent with somewhat or very conservative at 26.4 percent. What does this crowd think?

Here are the percentages of students who think “expressing views perceived as offensive can be seen as an act of violence toward vulnerable people.” Views merely perceived as offensive.

Start at the left with men and women. Nearly 38 percent of women — twice the percentage of men — think a point of view can be like a punch in the face. Moving to the right, the pink and gray lines, more than 40 percent of the non-cissies and non-heteros take the same nutty position, with lower numbers for normal people. Moving over to the green bars, whites, as expected, are not as nutty as non-whites, but even non-whites are slightly less nutty than women: 37.2 percent for them versus 37.7 percent for women. In yellow, we have levels of craziness by academic discipline, with people in humanities and social sciences most likely to think an opinion might as well be violence, and more good sense in science and business. On the right in purple, we have what would you’d expect: Very liberal students are the nuttiest of all, but even 10 percent of the “very conservatives” over on the end think the wrong opinion “can be seen as violence.”

When the question is slightly different, whether “people who express offensive views are causing harm to those they offend,” the nuttiness is even more startling.

Starting on the left, 47 percent of women, more than half the non-cissies and non-heteros, and 45 percent of non-whites. Again, women are more unhinged even than non-whites. And over in purple, a raging 69.4 percent of the very liberal students think opinions — mere opinions — cause harm. I would guess that a lot of the fanatic “very liberal” types are white women.

So, should universities “ban the expression of views that some students feel cause harm to certain groups of people?”

These numbers are a lot lower, but with the general rankings we would expect, though non-whites, in green, are slightly more willing than women, on the left in blue, to forbid opinions that some students think cause harm. I’m surprised these numbers are so much lower than the percentages of people who think the wrong ideas are like violence and hurt people. Why not ban them? I guess students don’t have the courage of their bigotries. Curiously, students are more likely to think that a campus speaker should be disinvited if some students find the message offensive. This means shafting a speaker who has already agreed to come.

As usual, the very libs in purple are the most tyrannical, followed by the sexually ambiguous in gray and pink, followed by the non-whites in green, with the women — only 39 percent of whom are tyrants — relatively tolerant.

The report notes that 7 percent of students think that if an offensive speaker tries to give a talk, it’s OK to drown him out with noise. Three percent say it’s OK to lay hands on him and drag him off the stage.

There is vast ignorance about the First Amendment. When asked, “Does the First Amendment allow your university to ban hate speech on campus?” only 26.4 percent got the right answer. The First Amendment recognizes no such thing as “hate speech.”

Here are the percentages of Wisconsin students “who have not expressed their views because they worried the instructor would give them a lower grade.”

That’s more than half of men, but also a good number of women. Sexually conventional people bite their tongues more often than the sexually off-beat, as do whites more often than non-whites. And look at the conservatives on the right in purple. They really keep their traps shut. I wonder, though, what the non-cissies and non-whites and even the very libs are dying to say but dare not. Must be very ripe stuff.

Here’s the real test for those who missed their true calling as a Soviet NKVD agent working for Lavrentiy Beria, shown here with Comrade Stalin.

Who thinks “students should report an instructor who says something that some students feel causes harm?”

Look at those girls on the left. Fifty-two point six percent would rat out a prof, and the non-cissies and non-heteros are even more ready to pounce. All three groups are worse even than the non-whites, in green. The very libs, on the right in purple, look like they can’t wait to get a teacher fired for saying something that just some students felt causes harm.

What’s “harm” by the way?

Let’s say I show my class who was diagnosed with HIV in 2021, with blacks coming in at number one, followed by Hispanics.

What if I pointed out that given the differences in the populations of different groups, this means blacks are nine times more likely than whites to get HIV, and Hispanics are 3.5 times more likely? Would half the class get nose bleeds? Would some non-hetero try to get me fired? I don’t know. But if I said that, for the life of me, I can’t figure out how white supremacy makes blacks and Hispanics give each other HIV, I guess the BIPOCs and non-heteros would get heart attacks, and I’d be marched off for an NKVD bullet in the back of the head.

Obviously, “harm” just means their delicate feelings are hurt by the facts. Robin DiAngelo makes a very good living badgering white people about their so-called “fragility.”

It looks to me like hetero-white men are the least fragile people of all.

We have to thank the University of Wisconsin for a fine-grained — and dismal — picture of the intellectual climate on campus. Women are not helping off-campus either. This 2017 survey found that a majority of women — 57 percent — want laws to ban so-called “hate speech” about blacks. Male support, at 36 percent, was 20 points less.

The same survey found that 63 percent of women think hate speech is violence. Only 43 percent of men did — another 20-point difference.

I think we have to concede that the more power women have, the less free speech we will have. And women dominate universities.

This Wall Street Journal article is called “A Generation of American Men Give Up on College.”

It says that at the end of the 2020-2021 academic year, only 40 percent of college students were men, and they drop out more often than women. According to some projections, in the next few years, twice as many women as men will earn college degrees. Women dominate student government.

The article also notes that there has been such a merciless push to recruit non-whites that college-age black men are more likely than college-age white men to be enrolled in college — despite the 15-point IQ difference between whites and blacks.

This graph from the Journal is complicated but very informative.

You’ll see that at every income level, college-age blacks are more likely than college-age whites to be in college. At the highest income levels at the bottom, only 70 percent of the college-age whites are in school, but more than 84 percent of the blacks are. White women are a lot more likely than white men to be in school, and Asians of both sexes are practically off the chart.

Colleges are vacuuming up people who don’t belong there. That’s why they have to teach them remedial English and give them fake majors. Is it any surprise that the average IQ of graduates keeps falling?

Look at the columns in the middle. In the 1960s, the average college grad had an IQ of 111. In the 2010s, it was 100, and it’s sure to be lower now.

But why would white men want to go to colleges full of liberal women, 30 percent of whom aren’t even heterosexual. White men can’t speak freely, and they are blamed for everything that’s ever gone wrong for anyone, anytime, anywhere in the world. College and prison are surely the most hostile places in America for a white man.

The Journal article quotes a prof from University of Wisconsin, Jerlando Jackson, who says colleges lather women and non-whites with remediation, counselling, and hand-holding, but do nothing for white men because they have privilege. “We don’t have the tools yet to help white men who find themselves needing help,” he says.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing? College graduates are supposed to make $1 million more over their lifetimes than high-school graduates, but who knows if that’s still true?

The greatest damage will be to white families. Despite years of feminist whooping, women still want to marry men who are better educated and make more money than they do. A lot of white women won’t be able to do that. Also, for both sexes, the longer they’re in school, the more goofy-liberal they get. Men who haven’t gone to college will find it’s impossible even to talk to these college gals who’ve had their brains scrambled and think they’re gender-queer. They sure won’t want to marry them.

Things will get only worse. Guess how many Ivy League schools now have a woman as president? Five out of eight. Harvard is leading the way with a black woman named Claudine Gay running the place.

What are the chances these women will value free inquiry over hurt feelings, or encourage men to be men?

Higher education has been more viciously wrecked than any other institution in the country. And it doesn’t just mean we are badly educated. It makes it harder even to start families and have children. At some of these places, we should fire the entire administration and half the faculty and start over.