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Florida Man Charged After Killing Married Couple in Property Dispute Over Basketball Hoop

An ongoing property dispute between a Florida man and his neighbors turned fatal last week when the couple next door was shot to death amid a bitter feud over the placement of a basketball hoop, according to the Palm Beach County authorities.

The victims, identified as Tara Marie Jones and Taylor Glenn Jones, were killed May 4 {snip}

Tara Jones and Taylor Jones

After finding the bodies of the married couple, police arrested the next-door neighbor, 63-year-old Norman Scott, and charged him with two counts of first-degree murder in connection with the slayings.


As the Joneses lay mortally wounded, Scott reportedly dialed 911 and informed the dispatcher that he just shot his neighbors in self-defense after they allegedly attacked him.

However, surveillance-camera footage contradicted Scott’s version of events as the video showed neither victim acting violently or aggressively toward Scott, and no weapons were found near their bodies.


Court documents state that surveillance video showed Scott initiating a conversation with Taylor Jones, and described Scott as “aggressively and belligerently” pointing and waving his hand in the man’s face. In contrast, Jones never made any threatening moves toward Scott, who pulled the gun from his right pocket and started firing, shooting Taylor Jones and sending him stumbling backward to the ground, according to police.

The video showed Scott pointing the gun as Taylor Jones backed away with both hands raised. Scott then allegedly turned the gun on Tara Jones, who was less than 30 feet away and witnessed her husband being shot, police said.

Scott then advanced toward Tara Jones and shot her three times, once in both legs and then in her upper chest.

After this, Scott is seen walking back toward his house, where he passed by Taylor Jones still lying on the ground.

At this point, “Norman Scott proceeds to shoot Taylor Jones two additional times,” police said.