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Coca-Cola Under Pressure Over Alleged Black Lives Matter Donation

Conservatives are criticizing Coca-Cola for allegedly donating to the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, which recently came under fire after at least one chapter shared pro-Palestinian messages on social media, while others demand proof.


Posting to X—the social network formerly known as Twitter—CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) slammed the corporation for supposedly donating money to BLM and other “radical left” organizations. Newsweek was unable to verify that Coca-Cola donated to BLM.

“Hey @CocaCola and @CocaColaCo you donated $4 Million to Black Lives Matter Inc. along with other radical LEFT groups,” CPAC wrote.

“Do you still support BLM Inc’s antisemitism as they support terrorist attacks on Israel?”

The claims caused outrage amongst CPAC followers, with @StephenMaret declaring “#boycottcoke.”

“We demand a response,” wrote Bret Weingart.

“Their secret formula contains blood,” said @Vox_Oculi.

“Time to bud light them!” commented Eric. Conservatives boycotted the beer brand in April after it sent transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney a personalized beer can to celebrate her first year living as a woman.


The antisemitism claims in CPAC’s post appear to refer to a graphic shared by Black Lives Matter Chicago. On October 10, the branch was accused of supporting the recent Hamas attacks on Israel after sharing an image of a soldier paragliding with a Palestinian flag, alongside the caption: “I stand with Palestine.”