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Falconridge Brawl Leaves Residents Shaken

A violent clash in Falconridge between Eritrean groups with conflicting views about their home country’s politics was dangerous and has taken a toll on the community {snip}“There has to be consequences,” Ward 5 Coun. Raj Dhaliwal told Postmedia.

Police responded Saturday to reports of a large, violent conflict at the Falconridge Plaza shopping centre outside of the Magnolia Banquet Hall. Officers descended on the area between McKnight Boulevard and Castleridge Drive to separate the two groups, comprising roughly 150 people, some of whom were using sticks, rocks and bats as weapons. {snip}

The incident happened at a community festival for the local Eritrean diaspora. Such gatherings have been targeted in cities worldwide — including similar violent spats in Edmonton and Toronto — by protesters, often Eritrean exiles, who claim the events have been co-opted by the country’s government to promote propaganda and raise money for the regime.