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Do White Victims of Black Hate Crimes Matter to Biden?

Do white victims of black hate crimes matter to the president of the United States? It’s a question everyone should be asking after President Joe Biden’s inconsistent responses to recent hate crime incidents in the country.

After the tragic murder of three black people by a white gunman in Jacksonville on Saturday, Biden denounced the alleged hate crime. However, after a black man killed two white men in Tulsa, Oklahoma, “because they were white,” Biden said nothing. Why didn’t Biden acknowledge these hate crimes by a black man? It’s a disgusting trend for the 46th president, who has made a political career of pandering and fearmongering black people.

Furthermore, after the Jacksonville incident, Attorney General Merrick Garland immediately announced that the Department of Justice would investigate it as “racially motivated violent extremism.” By all available evidence, unless I missed the press release or news coverage, there weren’t any federal investigations launched about the incident in Tulsa. Why not?

“Yesterday in Jacksonville, Florida, a white gunman went on a shooting rampage at a store near a Historically Black University and killed three black individuals,” Biden said on Sunday. “While we still need to learn more about the motivation for Saturday’s shooting, law enforcement has opened a federal civil rights investigation and is treating this incident as a possible hate crime and act of domestic violent extremism.”

Biden was correct to make such a statement. Hate crimes are horrific and have no place in this country. But that holds true regardless of the victims’ race. That is a fact Biden repeatedly rejects and ignores. It’s just as wrong when a black man goes on a killing spree and targets white people as it is when a white man goes and targets black people. However, this is something Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, Democrats, and their accomplices in the media rarely, if ever, acknowledge. And, quite frankly, their silence is despicable.