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DeSantis Suggests He Is Open to Launch Missiles into Mexico to Kill Drug Cartels

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis did not rule out launching missiles into Mexico to take out drug cartels on Wednesday, saying it would depend on the situation.

DeSantis made the statement during a Wednesday evening appearance on CBS, telling host Norah O’Donnell that “deadly force is authorized.” The statement lines up with the 2024 Republican presidential candidate’s previous hardline stances on the U.S.-Mexico border.

“Would you commit U.S. troops to taking out these Mexican cartels?” O’Donnell asked.

“We are going to lean in, and we are going to defend our country,” DeSantis said before describing cartel members who cross the border with backpacks full of fentanyl, which kills tens of thousands of Americans a year.

“In those situations, yes, we will have deadly force authorized,” he added.


“The reality is they are overrunning our border,” he continued. {snip}