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Republicans Sue Vermont Town to Prevent Foreign Nationals from Voting in School Board Elections

Republicans are suing the town of Winooski, Vermont, to prevent a local ordinance that allows foreign nationals to vote in school board elections.

Last year, Winooski began allowing foreign nationals the ability to vote in local elections, including for mayor, city officials, and school board races.

Now, the Vermont Republican Party, the Republican National Committee (RNC), and two residents have filed suit against the city of Winooski, charging that it is illegal for foreign nationals to vote specifically in local school board elections because the funds appropriated for the board are financed by the state.

The lawsuit states:


Defendant has now expanded the electorate that determines educational issues to include noncitizens, despite the fact that those votes have substantial extra-municipal and statewide implications and thus directly implicate Section 42’s limitation of the franchise to United States citizens. [Emphasis added]

As a result of allowing foreign nationals to vote in Winooski, the RNC and Vermont GOP alleges that American citizen residents “will have their votes diluted by the noncitizen votes…”


Last week, voters in Burlington, Vermont, overwhelmingly approved a measure that will allow foreign nationals, including some illegal aliens, to vote in local elections. {snip}