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NJ Men Suing Schools for Discriminating Against White Students Can’t Stay Anonymous

A federal judge has denied a request that a father and son objecting to an anti-racism curriculum be allowed to remain near anonymous, known only by their initials, in their lawsuit against the Mountain Lakes school district.

Since the lawsuit was filed last summer by B.L. and J.L., the younger plaintiff has become a legal adult and moved on from the district.

The suit claims that the district racially discriminated against white students, including J.L., starting in June 2020, violating their constitutional rights by being taught about “white people’s roles in perpetuating racism.”


Mountain Lakes High School was made up of just over 600 students in the 2021-2022 school year — 463 of them white, 74 Asian, 51 Hispanic/Latino and 10 Black students.


The lawsuit said that “in the wake of the George Floyd murder in Minnesota,” school administrators broached such topics as institutionalized racism — which the plaintiffs said followed a political and racial narrative that was hostile to those who disagreed with it.

B.L. said that the concept of “white privilege,” whether or not it was one of merit, was illegally being promoted to his son, J.L. and other students {snip}