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New Bill Aims to Make Minnesota a ‘Sanctuary State’ for Illegal Immigrants

A new bill in the Minnesota Legislature would prohibit police and all other state employees from cooperating in the enforcement of America’s immigration laws.


The bill aims to make Minnesota a “sanctuary state” for illegal immigrants {snip}

The proposed legislation would prohibit any Minnesota “government agents” from conducting immigration enforcement. According to the bill, immigration enforcement “includes all efforts to investigate, arrest, enforce, or assist in the investigation or arrest or enforcement of federal civil immigration law.”

The bill defines a government agent broadly, including teachers and professors, employees of publicly owned health care facilities, employees of any Minnesota court or government agency, along with law enforcement officers.

These outlined government agents would be prohibited from stopping, questioning, or detaining a person for immigration enforcement purposes, cooperating with federal immigration warrants or detainers, or inquiring about a person’s immigration status.

Police would not be allowed to investigate suspected immigration violations or inquire about an arrestee’s immigration status.


In addition to making Minnesota a sanctuary state, the DFL majority wants to give illegal immigrants access to MinnesotaCare and basic income, and has passed a bill that will allow them to obtain driver’s licenses.