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‘F—ing Angry’ Marxist Teacher Calls for Urgent War Against Capitalism

Maryland teacher, who described herself as “proud as f— to be liberal” and bragged about “indoctrinating” her students, called for an urgent fight against capitalism while adding, “Revolutions involve violence.”

The teacher, Rebeca F. Rothstein, works at North Bethesda Middle School in the Montgomery County School District and believes educators should use their classrooms to turn kids into anti-racist activists. {snip}

“As a teacher I wish we could do more with our students like teach anti-racism and how to be kind people. Does anyone else feel like… we can skip the math, skip the science, like we’ll do that next year. Maybe this year we focus on teaching our youth how to be anti-racist,” she said on TikTok.


Regarding the pro-Black Lives Matter riots, Rothstein said, “There are so many a——- in my comments saying, ‘What about all the burning of the buildings, and the looting and the rioting?’ {snip}”

“I am f—ing angry, and it’s weird as f— that you’re not. When I’m talking about the patriarchy or racism or police brutality, why the f— would you not be angry?” she asked.


She has also said that “all White people experience White privilege” and that they cannot be oppressed.

Racism is a White person’s problem. It is White people who are racist. It is not the job of people of color to teach us how we are being racist. {snip} ” she said.