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Asian Employees Feel Least Included at Work of Any Demographic Group Including Black and LGBTQ Workers

Asian employees report feeling the least included of all demographic groups in the workplace, new research from Bain & Co. found.

Only 16% of Asian men and 20% of Asian women said they felt fully included at work. These percentages were below the third-lowest group, Black women, at 22%, according to a Bain survey {snip}


The Bain research underscores the challenges Asian Americans face at work, particularly in light of ongoing anti-Asian hate and violence.

Asian workers are more likely than any other major racial or ethnic group to hold a professional or managerial job in the Standard & Poor’s 100, fueling the perception that they encounter few obstacles on the corporate ladder, a USA TODAY analysis found. But they are scarce in the senior-most executive ranks of these companies in a phenomenon sometimes called “the bamboo ceiling.”

Among the professional and management ranks of the nation’s top companies, 1 in every 45 white men and 1 in every 60 white women are executives. For Asian managers and professionals, only 1 in every 96 men and 1 in every 124 women hold a top job, according to federal workforce records USA TODAY obtained from 88 companies in the S&P 100.


They recommended taking into account cultural differences when building recruiting, promotions and performance systems to nurture a sense of belonging for Asian Americans.