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One-Third of Voters Say They’re ‘Woke’

One-third of U.S. voters said they consider themselves to be “woke,” a term used to refer to someone who is aware and proactive about social justice issues such as racial discrimination.

A new The Hill/HarrisX poll of about 1,000 registered voters conducted between July 8-9 found 32 percent of them saying they “consider themselves to be woke.”{snip}

{snip} A 60 percent majority of Democrats surveyed said they think “wokeness” is a good thing for the country, but only about 20 percent of Republicans agreed.

{snip} Respondents were asked if “wokeness” is doubling down on the country’s racial and social divisions, or if it is a helping the U.S. to evolve for the better. Exactly 50 percent of voters said “wokeness” is stoking differences and causing unrest, while another 50 percent said it is developing and evolving the country for the better.

Massive partisan divides were evident, as 70 percent of Democrats said “wokeness” is a good thing alongside 54 percent of independent voters. By comparison, a 72 percent majority of Republicans said “wokeness” is further dividing the country along racial and ethnic lines.

One major factor in the The Hill/HarrisX poll is the large share of U.S. voters who acknowledged they are not entirely sure what the term “woke” really means. {snip}