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Absent Black Fathers Found!

Absent fathers, we’re told, are the reason black youngsters run in the streets and wreak havoc. Hard-pressed black single mothers, we’re also told, toil at two or even three jobs and arrive home, too weary to notice the kids are not snug in bed with their Glocks tucked under their little pillows. The Village, which it takes to raise a child, doesn’t seem to want the job.

Bring back black Dads, we’re told. However, entreaties for black men to forego swaggering pleasure-seeking and return to parenting have not been successful.

Given those sad realities, it’s perplexing that television commercials are swamped with doting black fathers. The portrayals are laughable: A black man passing a sanitizing wipe over counter tops with near sensual enjoyment. Black men cooking and doing laundry. What men, of any color, identify with TV Ad Dads who spend their days pondering fabric softeners and Swiffer mops?

In virtually every case, the black TV Ad Dads are in interracial relationships with attractive white women. Apparently, modeling agencies are also well-stocked with biracial children to portray TV Ad Kiddies. The homes of black TV Ad Families are upscale and immaculately maintained. What else would we expect from black stay-at-home TV Ad Dads? Apparently, white females have high-paying jobs and can return from work to find the laundry folded, carpets vacuumed, dinner ready, and the well mannered children gathered for family time, thanks to highly efficient black men.

Why has American advertising overwhelmingly chosen Mostly Melanin Merchandising? The old business model of selling products to generate profits for stockholders is no more. Instead, there are “stakeholders,” who may be employees, suppliers, customers, or anyone with an interest in what the company is doing (previously known as monkey wrenches). Appeasement of stakeholders has replaced financial obligations to stockholders.

Over at The Ad Council, which is a fount of Woke advertising, we learn of “purpose driven marketing” which leads to “creating authentic connections based on shared values . . . .” That is, wrap products and services in virtue signaling. Remember, stakeholders, your enlightened choice of stain remover can save the planet.

So, how many stakeholders does it take to change a lightbulb – or flip visual representation of America from white to black? The Woke pendulum is often swung by small groups, even individuals. A Twitter post with a few likes can doom a career. One malcontent student can cancel a professor. Given, what’s likely to have been, little public support for the color shift in commercials, it’s also likely that unintended consequences were given no thought whatsoever. Certainly, the potential effect on white TV viewers was ignored.

With the exception of some whites, who are willfully blind to black pathology, many whites understand the fantastically bogus depiction of blacks as just like whites, capable of operating the systems whites have built, and, in fact, more worthy of inhabiting our homes, families, businesses, and activities.

These Social Justice Squatters, puttering around the house, using products that corporations don’t really imagine they will buy, are meant as a counterweight to the near daily surveillance videos of young thugs robbing, assaulting, car-jacking, and spraying streets with gunfire. Pay no attention to hoodlums with arms full of loot. Instead, contemplate this black pitchman outsmarting dumb white people. Does anyone actually buy this nonsense?

Sadly, some do. It’s not unusual to see white women navigating grocery stores with EBT card in hand, followed by mixed-race children with green eyes and weird blond hair. That highly efficient black man, who was going to be an ideal partner, was not as advertised — he became just another absent father.

The marketing of black men to white women in advertising is egregious. It’s not just the endless news stories about white women murdered by jilted black boyfriends. Biracial children routinely express discomfort with bifurcated cultural ancestry. There are also genetic consequences of incompatible biracial couplings.

Pairing black men with white women to sell soap could have other consequences. Throughout history, the capture and enslavement of women by conquerors was one of the greatest humiliations for the vanquished. Does that ancient, hard-wired anger, wrapped in kumbaya and DEI drivel, lie slumbering? Will white men remain supine while their replacement in TV Land prefigures their demographic replacement in the real world?

How do black women feel? They already hate the beauty of white women and spend a fortune on makeup and fake hair trying to look like the people they think they despise. When they are condemned to spinsterhood by the absence of eligible black mates, they must detest the pimping of black men to white women, which is so rampant in advertising.

Finally, the cruel video hoax falls harshly on the most susceptible ghetto residents — black children — who have no fathers in the home. No adult supervision. No structure in their lives. None of the tools of Western education. Only unfocused rage.

Imagine what the feral children of blighted neighborhoods eating crap scrounged from food deserts think of the well-clothed, well-fed biracial children in the TV ads. Imagine what they think of the nice homes, gleaming cars, tidy communities, the graceful TV-commercial abundance, and especially those wise, loving, present fathers.

Raised in circumstances where absence defines everything in their lives, such children have only animal instinct. To see is to want. To want is to take. By any means necessary. They are unable to grasp the manipulations at work in the false portrayals of TV commercials. They don’t understand these skin-color canards are how corporations hope to stave off predatory DEI demands. I can hear the ad manager now: “We are maxxed out on diversity administrators. But, we just hired another black faux father and three biracial kids for our Super Crispy Hot ‘n Cheesy French Fries campaign.”

The dangers of advertising’s lock step lunacy are frightening. Race relations are like a tinderbox. The conversation about race that we’re told ad nauseum we are supposed to have, never happens because one side is excused from hard truths. Exacerbating these festering discontents with fabricated reality is indecent. Whom do we complain to?

Boycotting individual products is impossible. Mostly Melanin Marketing is so pervasive it blankets virtually all products. Ostensibly, the advertising industry is covered by the Federal Trade Commission. Good luck getting any federal leviathan to address a nuanced issue. So, we can only hope that Go Woke, Go Broke will sort out the DEI absurdity — before we sort it out ourselves.