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The Triumph of Media Power

Democrats and their allied media are increasingly worried about “fascism.” One might think fascism, if it means anything, is the combined use of state, media, and corporate power to incite a never-ending campaign against invented enemies. At the risk of making the “Democrats are the real fascists” argument, it seems leftists are projecting. They’ve even got the optics figured out.

Tech companies censor information that challenges official orthodoxy on health, race, sex-change, and other questions. The government asksthem to do this. Republican opposition stopped the Department of Homeland Security’s proposed “Disinformation” panel, but that was a minor victory, since progressives already control the information people can see and hear.

Democracy and self-government need a population that gets accurate information. If you aren’t allowed to make up your own mind, you’re not free. You can’t make up your own mind if you can’t hear all sides. Do we really have democracy or self-government? Did we ever? There is no “marketplace of ideas” when censorship smothers competition.

Elections outcomes may be downstream from culture, but culture is downstream from media control. The process is as crude and effective as a besieging army controlling the defender’s food supply. We may tell ourselves that hiding the truth won’t work, but with enough power, it can work. A defending army may be courageous, but it will die if supplies run out.

Race realists and white advocates believe the truth is on our side. Race is biological, there are race differences, and differences have consequences. However, “truth” is elusive in a democratic, media-dominated society. (Apparently, so are the concepts of male and female.) Racial differences in IQ are some of the most consistent findings in all of social science, but our rulers conceal them. Some may know they are hiding the truth; others may think they are hiding “disinformation.” The consequences are the same.

The most “woke” people in our society are white liberals. New findings indicate that they believe things that are obviously false. However, unlike dissidents, they don’t fear censorship. They know their sources of (dis)information will remain.

Zach Goldberg, perhaps the leading scholar of absurd American beliefs, reported years ago that white liberals prefer non-whites to whites. This attitude is unique among all people in the world, and perhaps in all history. It means white liberals may support policies because they makes things worse for whites. “Perhaps this is why white support for increasing immigration coincides with more negative feelings towards whites,” wrote Mr. Goldberg in 2019 in Tablet.

Mr. Goldberg recently reported that by 2020, white liberals had begun to believe that whites are more violent, lazier, and less intelligent than blacks.

He notes that this goes beyond egalitarianism and suggests anti-white animus.

One could argue that “intelligence,” “violence,” and “laziness,” can’t really be measured. However, if we accept the relationship between IQ and intelligence, crime rates and violence, and income and laziness, white liberals believe things that are provably wrong. Why shouldn’t they? They get little information telling them otherwise. It would be fascinating to see how white liberals justify their anti-white beliefs.

Some white advocates may comfort themselves by saying that while the “woke” are getting crazier, white conservatives are “waking up.” Not so. The data above show that white independents and conservatives are on the same path.

Propaganda works. Even absurdity works. If our rulers can persuade people to say things that would have been considered ridiculous even a year ago, they can persuade activists to do just about anything. “Wokeness” will not die because it’s wrong. It’s a political force. Truth has nothing to do with it.

Mr. Goldberg suggests that woke attitudes may be part of “an attempt to proclaim their [liberals’] anti-racist bona fides — which, interestingly, now seems to require expressions of anti-whiteness.” If all whites are racist no matter what we do, whites are the problem, and racism cannot be eliminated. Elites don’t expand their power by solving problems, but by inventing new ones that last forever. What would the civil rights industry do if we ever achieved the “post-racial” society we’ve long been promised?

John Robb of Global Guerillas writes that once people are in a “pattern matching network,” it is almost impossible to change their minds. Most people interpret new information to fit pre-existing mental frameworks in what is called confirmation bias.

What Mr. Robb has called “The Long Night” could finally be upon us. In 2017, he said the danger is “an all encompassing online orthodoxy,” a “sameness of thought and approach enforced by hundreds of millions of socially internetworked adherents.”

CNN, The Guardian, Slate, and countless other powerful outlets celebrated the takedown of the site “Kiwi Farms.” It was a controversial forum that hosted what could be considered “hate speech” against “transgenders.” Cloudflare, which just a week ago said it would not pull its protection, reversed its decision after a few days of pressure. Cloudflare prevents distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. They are felonies. The pressure on Cloudflare for protecting Kiwi Farms was like persuading the police to look the other way while you ransack the house of someone you don’t like.

I don’t know much about Kiwi Farms, but critics accused it of obscenity, hateful speech, threats, and doxing. All that is fine, of course, if the victims are “racists.” Those with power respect no principles of free speech, legal norms, or what defines “hate.” We live in a world of arbitrary power. Our government’s boasts about democracy and a “Free World” are hollow.

At this point, it’s tempting to say that we will win because truth is on our side, but lies — at least for a time — can strengthen. It’s true that people usually make sensible choices in their own lives, when they buy houses in certain neighborhoods or send their children to “good schools.” But these choices don’t change policy.

If democracy is to mean anything, all legal speech should be permitted and protected by private industry and government. Today, when information is deliberately concealed, people must find the narrow, rocky path to the truth. Not even conservatives fight for free speech; they benefit when the competition is censored.

Free speech is nonnegotiable. Whites who demand a country of our own are far more realistic than anyone who thinks the government will stop discriminating against us when we become a minority. Working for a White Republic is more sensible than thinking our rulers will defend what every other generation of Americans took for granted. The hour is later than you think.