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Verified Hate: The Dark Heart of Leftism

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Writing this series, Verified Hate, is often hard psychologically. It’s tiresome to see constant threats against your people, history, and political allies and to know that your comrades (including Jared Taylor) can’t push back publicly.

(I think even John Brown would admit he did something wrong when he shot an unarmed black man in the back to kick off his “raid.” But maybe not.)

A new study argues that leftists are not empathic, but deeply cynical and use political orthodoxy as an excuse for cruelty. This matches my experience that leftism is linked to psychopathy and narcissism.

Last week’s evidence that that is the case comes after Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes was given 18 years for the January 6, 2021 Capitol riot. He did not enter the Capitol, but immigrant judge and President Obama appointee Amit Mehta said he was a threat to the country. Mr. Rhodes is no white advocate — the Oath Keepers often clashed with Alt-Right demonstrators during the early Trump Administration. Nonetheless, that’s a distinction without a difference to many progressives, who laughed about the severe sentence and wished yet more harm on Mr. Rhodes.

The last entry is especially amusing because “Lakota Man” usually spends his days bemoaning whites for their settlement of the United States. Still, at least he supports the ethnostate.

It would be paradise.

Unfortunately, for now, we’re still stuck in multiracial post-America. The battle for reparations will soon spread beyond California.

We aren’t the only ones suffering from the burden of African-American entitlement. A Jamaican woman says black Americans are causing problems at her business.

Who is to blame? White people.

A young black who gained online fans by entering other people’s homes for TikTok has finally been arrested. His sentence was . . . to be banned from entering other people’s homes without permission. He explained his thoughts on the United Kingdom’s legal system.

When he’s right, he’s right. The laws are weak. If he can understand this, why can’t Britain’s “conservative” leaders?

It’s important to watch the following in the context of white deplatforming.

Remember, to many people, Haiti is not a warning, but a model.

Cool story. How is Haiti doing these days?

President Joe Biden is refusing to enforce America’s border. This is the response from those the Regime is welcoming.

It seems that few people sincerely oppose segregation. They just thing white people shouldn’t be allowed to do it.

Finally, unfortunately, Ted Cruz still doesn’t get it. In a confrontation with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, he plays the same games about “Democrats are the real racists.” The 19th-century Democrat Party has nothing to do with its modern-day version.

This is why we are necessary. Even the most hardline conservatives are useless on race. Without open white advocates to champion our interests, we’ll never get anywhere.