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Verified Hate: New Meme-Format Edition

Last week was Scott Adams Week on Twitter. Some people are not happy with the Dilbert cartoonist.

Mr. Adams has some supporters.

While Mr. Adams’s income may never recover, we do have a new meme format.

Amusing memes conceal the grim reality that whites have no collective representation within the existing system. That sad truth extends across the West. Perhaps no country has it worse than the United Kingdom.

An autistic 14-year-old British boy allegedly disrespected a Koran. The boy apparently bought the book and at one point, it was knocked to the ground. This appears to be the extent of the damage. Apparently, this is a major story. The boy’s mother groveled before triumphant invaders.

The British are a conquered people. Some whites eagerly accept submission.

You can’t blame the “liberals” for this. Conservatives have been in power for more than a decade. They’ve conserved almost nothing worthwhile.

With that kind of “right-wing” press, who is surprised? Still, The Guardian is worse.

Remember: The Great Replacement is a racist conspiracy theory.

Our situation isn’t much better. Here’s the scene in St. Louis, a once-white city that is now just another Third World slum.

Police have arrested the suspect.

While crime is up in the United States, it is down in El Salvador. The president has a simple strategy: arrest gang members.

Naturally, progressives are not happy.

It really is this simple. That may be what they are afraid of. If people knew it was this simple, we could scrap all police diversity and community-relations programs, not to mention sociology. That’s probably why nothing will happen in the United States. Far better to have nearly half of all murders in the United States go unsolved than disabuse people of their illusions about human nature.

Don’t hold your breath for “tech bro fascism” in the United States.

Still, Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot recently lost her re-election bid. She knows what’s responsible. It’s not high crime. It’s racism.

At least one person on Twitter seems to approve of strong police action, at least when it is directed against a white woman.

One is a dead terrorist, the other one served her country before her country killed her.

Speaking of federal law enforcement, the FBI says it doesn’t pressure social media to censor.

The DHS was open about pressuring social media to ban people it didn’t like, and the Twitter Files suggest the FBI isn’t any different. Nonetheless, while people may occasionally complain about it, there’s little real pressure to restore the free speech we had before Donald Trump won in 2016.

While American Renaissance and Jared Taylor are not on Twitter, at least alternative outlets such as Joe Rogan’s show can bring you politically incorrect truths.

Remember, CPAC almost brought this guy to speak, so desperate was it to find a black guy.

Politically, whites don’t have much representation and those who govern the culture are determined to keep it that way. Fantasy has historically been a home for white males, but that’s changing. There’s a new Dungeons & Dragons movie coming out and the writers are very clear:

Wizards of the Coast, which runs Dungeons & Dragons, recently shot itself in the foot by trying to force through restrictive licensing rules. Part of the reason was to exert more control, but another reason was to push an “inclusive” image. Executive Producer Kyle Brink said “white dudes in a basement” are not the future and said “guys like me [white guys] can’t leave soon enough.”

Aragorn from Wizards of the Coast’s Lord of the Rings card game is black now.

Buzzfeed is still distressed that there aren’t enough blacks in sci-fi and fantasy. “Fat, Black bodies are a rarity,” it reports. Don’t worry, AI has come to the rescue!

I can think of a few things such characters might not be capable of, including a 5K.

Diversity is coming to space too:

Never forget that in the real world, “civil rights” activists protested Apollo 11.

Though whites don’t have collective representation in government, whites may benefit from some things government does. For example, because we pay most of the taxes, we would disproportionately benefit from tax breaks. Luckily, we have brave progressives to point this out and sound the warning about the National Socialist implications of making it easier for people to have families.

Obviously, the tax breaks don’t apply only to whites. That doesn’t hold back a truly remarkable and revealing thread.

It’s always instructive to see the way progressives respond to this kind of program. It was once self-evident that a nation has a stake in its people reproducing, but when Hungary encouraged larger families, a government minister in Sweden accused it of Nazi policies. “Western” orthodoxy appears to hold that it’s a good thing if whites do not reproduce.

However, we shouldn’t just assume nothing is happening and that things are doomed to remain the way they are. In supposedly conservative states like Florida, there are anti-white policies at universities.

However, there’s also a move by Governor Ron DeSantis to go after some of these Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs.

The US Supreme Court may even abolish affirmative action itself.

(It won’t be a unanimous decision).

What will happen after that? The most likely response will be for schools and other institutions to scrap objective entrance requirements. If there are no tests, there’s no way to prove discrimination against whites and Asians.

The result may be that so-called elite institutions will get even worse.

ACT scores hit their lowest level in 30 years in 2022. Faced with such failure, some educational institutions may abandon accountability altogether.

A man on Twitter asks why all whites aren’t lumped together with poor whites.

This is a fair question. First, one could say that whites are usually lumped together, especially if someone is insulting conservative whites. Take this joke from someone who claims to be one of America’s top humorists, which would explain why I had never heard of him.

People call Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene “trailer trash.”

(Oh, if only we could actually talk about who has a lower IQ!)

There are obviously countless more. Progressives seem to forget about the distinction between poor whites and wealthier whites when it is time to smear people they don’t like. It is socially acceptable to attack poor whites for being poor and it is even acceptable to call well-off whites “trash” if they are conservative.

More importantly, poor whites do not commit crime at the same levels as blacks, even wealthier blacks. When whites do commit crime, other whites do not rally around them as heroes of the community. There’s no white equivalent to George Floyd. Whites do not defend lawbreaking by members of our community.

Then, there’s “white privilege,” the most prominent conspiracy theory of them all. “White people” don’t exist, but white elites invented them so they could oppress non-whites.

Even poor whites profit from an unjust system in a way that Barack Obama never can. Blacks are poor because the system is racist. If whites are poor, it’s because they are defective. That’s why there’s no social cost to even the most vicious attacks on poor whites.

The double standards on race never end.

The solution to this, like the solution to crime, is simple: If whites alone have to worry about being called racists, it means we shouldn’t worry about it at all. It’s an invented smear and a fake sin. Let’s be clear: What’s holding our people down is force and fraud, not legitimate guilt. We will never throw off our political repression until we throw off our burden of unjustified shame.