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Verified Hate: Take the MF’ers Out

In October 2021, Rutgers Professor Brittney Cooper said whiteness needed an expiration date and that “we gotta take those mother***ers out.” Christopher Rufo, an opponent of Critical Race Theory, seemingly discovered or rediscovered the clip and made it viral again.

No doubt Professor Cooper would explain that she means “whiteness” as a social construct that must be taken out. She doesn’t literally mean killing whites. However, especially with Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, some media figures are saying someone must regulate possibly dangerous or inaccurate speech. At least one person even called censors “frontline” workers now, as if they were police or soldiers protecting us from real danger.

Journalists and academics often accused President Donald Trump of “stochastic terrorism” for allegedly inspiring violence, not by making a direct call to action but by inciting hatred generally.

From that perspective, it’s hard not to think of the words “take these mother****ers out” when you read a story like this.

This old white man, who still chose to work at age 83, died trying to uphold the virtues of a high-trust society that he may have remembered from his youth.

I don’t believe speech necessarily leads to violence. Still, the most powerful academic and media organizations in the world use violent language about whites. They assert that inequality is due to white racism. If there is such a thing as “stochastic terrorism,” American media and academia are inciting it.

One journalist thinks it’s a big problem when other groups fight each other because it takes time away from going after whites.

Some whites are so enslaved they pay to be shamed. Saira Rao is a common sight on this website. Her job is to insult whites. She hates us. However, she also enjoys a prominent media platform. Thus, Time promoted this piece, which she co-wrote.

Whites subsidize our haters and suffer their blows. It’s always our fault; our women are especially to blame.

The World Cup is going on. Like most Americans, I don’t care, but the rest of the world does. It’s one of the few venues where people can express patriotism. Celebrations of victory and defeat mean something and highlight identity.

Pat Buchan wrote in The Death of the West:

[T]he demographic sea change, especially in California, where a fourth of the people are foreign-born and almost a third are Latino, has spawned a new ethnic chauvinism. When the U.S. soccer team played Mexico in the Los Angeles Coliseum a few years back, the “Star-Spangled Banner” was hooted and jeered, an American flag was torn down, and the American team and its few fans were showered with water bombs, beer bottles, and garbage.

With that in mind, consider the recent reactions when Morocco beat European nations during the World Cup.” charset=”utf-8”>

Here is a commentator’s analysis of Germany’s soccer history. It’s especially amusing at 1:46, when he calls the German defeat of Brazil the “greatest trauma in Brazil’s history,” which is quickly followed by the country “sliding info far-right fascism.”

I don’t know if he’s serious or not.

At least one person has a demand for the UK.

The Rosetta Stone had been built into a wall of an old fort. A Napoleonic officer recognized its importance. When the British took possession after they defeated the French in Egypt, they too recognized its value and today it’s at the British Museum. Without European colonialism and the Western devotion to truth even during wartime, the Rosetta Stone would still be propping up a wall. It belongs to the West.

I genuinely thought the article below was satire, a sign of gentle self-awareness at the Washington Post about cancel culture. Alas, I think it’s serious. I hope I’m wrong.

Get ready for a campaign against Mike Privilege.

Whitenack led a team of researchers to examine hundreds of “Shark Week” episodes that aired between 1988 and 2020. In a study published last month by the Public Library of Science, their research claims that Discovery’s programming emphasized negative messages about sharks, lacked useful messaging about shark conservation and overwhelmingly featured White men as experts — including several with the same name.

The programming featured more white experts and commentators named “Mike” than women, said David Shiffman, a conservationist at Arizona State University who was a co-author of the study. – “Shark Week’ lacks diversity, overrepresents men named Mike, scientists say”

The Washington Post has jumped the shark.

Here’s this month’s ration of “Ashli Babbitt had it coming.”

We cannot, in fact, all agree on this.

Which “domestic terrorists” are the “cool kind”?

I think her country betrayed her, as it has all other whites.

Apparently, there is not a single argument against mass immigration.

It’s a more extreme version of the Magic Dirt Theory. Immigrants don’t just magically become like us but are inherently better than we. (Herearesomegoodarguments against mass immigration.)

I favor free speech, even offensive speech. However, would a direct insult to Jews or Muslims be tolerated on Twitter?

It’s just a small indication of the way power is distributed. Some speech is freer than others. He’s speaking next to Hasan Piker, who got his start as part of the Google-sponsored “Young Turks” show that Jared Taylor occasionally embarrasses. (Mr. Piker will still not fightSam Hyde.)

Below, a commercial in which yet another stupid white guy doesn’t do his job at work.

Whites keep getting in the way of all those productive non-whites.

Reparations may soon be standard for blue states.

The article below asks the wrong question:

Whatever the aesthetics, what is “scary” is Philadelphia’s crime wave. If the state doesn’t protect property, business owners turn to private security and razor wire. We may soon look like South Africa.

An action movie director has some interesting thoughts on masculinity.

Avatar was a movie about a white man betraying his race and species. These were the explicit words of the “villain.” (Critics still accused it of white savior syndrome.) The script itself initially contained a scene with bad guys acting “like the redblooded redneck NRA supporters they are.”

Avatar was a left-wing movie. As for Mr. Cameron’s strange hostility to the male hormone, a study found that increasing testosterone moved moderate Democrats to the right. Other research has linked testosterone to conservative political views. No wonder Mr. Cameron doesn’t like it.

We should guard against attempts to biologically engineer egalitarianism. Jared Taylor reviewed the attempts to develop a biological “cure” for “racism” in 2019. They are still at it. Canadian science fiction author Peter Watts suggested modifying Parkinson’s Disease to warp our brains to reject religion, something that allegedly justifies racism and sexism. This is an older clip that reappeared on my timeline.

In S.M Stirling’s “Domination of the Draka” science-fiction series, the extremely hierarchical “Draka” ultimately divide mankind into two distinct species, a master race and a servant race. Occasionally, it seems that modern people are eager to be turned into a servant race who don’t dream of anything more than consumption and egalitarianism.

The “woke” are often closer to the truth than the centrists. Consider Supreme Court Justice Kentaji Brown Jackson’s recent comments in a Supreme Court case over freedom of religion. She mused about a hypothetical example if weakening anti-discrimination laws would allow someone to sell It’s a Wonderful Life-themed photo sessions only to white people.

Her point isn’t “shocking;” it’s logical.

Private establishments can refuse service on political grounds. A Virginia restaurant banned a conservative religious group just this week. Some classes are protected, and some are not. Age of Entitlement by Chris Caldwell is just one of many demonstrations that “civil rights” have trumped constitutional guarantees and property rights.

“Diversity” is just another way of saying “we can’t have basic standards.”

A Great Replacement article spotted in the wild:

The key excerpt:

Today, however, Georgia is politically contested territory. That is largely down to population growth and diversity. Between 2010 and today the Atlanta region continued growing; today its population exceeds 6m, compared with just over 1m in 1960. And if the counties around Atlanta grew in the 1970s and ‘80s largely because of white flight, today people of all backgrounds and ethnicities are arriving. The combined non-white residents of Gwinnett County now outnumber whites.

An election and a census serve the same purpose of making a racial head count.

Below is an impressive list of slurs against white people:

Of course, none of them really sting do they?

Don’t think of responding in kind. You can be arrestednow for saying the forbidden n-word on the grounds of disorderly conduct or bias intimidation. You shouldn’t be saying it anyway, but it shows the double standard. Some groups can be insulted. Somehow, it’s the “marginalized” groups who enjoy protection, including from lèse majesté.

It’s worth noting that Andrew Anglin is back on Twitter. I defend free speech. He should be back on Twitter. His website was the canary in the coal mine for many issues of deplaforming and denying financial services.

It’s interesting that Twitter welcomes back Mr. Anglin but not Jared Taylor. It seems that Twitter doesn’t have a real policy – or is it terrified of common-sense arguments and the calm presentation of facts?

On Twitter, you don’t have to bask in anti-white hate. Sometimes, you can find inspiration. We conclude with the late Jonathan Bowden on our struggle.